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All Saints Meadow

Setting aside space for nature

Last year the Church PCC (Parochial Church Council) agreed planting a small wildflower area in the churchyard to encourage plant species and wildlife. Since then, due to the efforts of our Rectors, Bob and Julia Hicks,  Lopen, Hinton St George, Merriott and Dinnington churches have been awarded a Coop Community Grant to help fund an ecology study of our churchyards (money to be given in the Autumn) and encourage biodiversity.  We have formed a small group to set up the project, reporting back to the Rectors and PCC, and have registered the church with the Somerset Wildlife Trust.


By their nature, churches and churchyards are good places for plants and wildlife. The combination of old walls, monuments and buildings, hedges and mature trees provide a wealth of habitats for lichens, invertebrates, and birds.  Our aim is to identify and encourage these, whilst maintaining the churchyard as a haven of calm for remembrance and a pleasant place to visit.


So far, we have started to make lists to record species found, put up some beautiful oak bird nest boxes (thank you Seamus and Marian) and enhanced the wildflower area with plug plants and hazel hoops to mark its boundaries. We holding an Open Days at intervals throughout the year to involve people in identifying and recording what species are in place.  Would you be able to help with this?   We would welcome your ideas and comments on what elements you particularly value and how you would like to develop biodiversity of this beautiful area.

Solitary bee hotels

Bird boxes at various locations around the churchyard

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